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New Drone Ban Bad for Model Planes

By | Drone Information, Drone Law, Drone News | 5 Comments

Model airplane enthusiasts on Long Island seek exemption from proposed drone ban According to an article on the WSJ (Read Here) A new ban on drones has grounded local model airplane enthusiast and they are not happy about it! Members of Suffolk County’s 15 model airplane-flying clubs fear their wings will be clipped by a proposal to ban drones over property owned…

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Drone shot with water

Fire Department Hides Firefighters Name Who Shot Drone With Firehose

By | Drone Information, Drone Law, Drone News, Videos | 3 Comments

Did Firefighters Have the Right to Shoot at Drone? There seems to be two different sides to this issue. The Fire Fighter and the operator, those who understand the law about drones and those that do not. The heated debate has come down to exactly this! Here is what Thompson told PINAC after what happened in Montgomery upstate New York when John…

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