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Ski Resorts to offer Drone Photography Services

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Drone Photography Services at your local Ski Resort! Drone Photography Services at a growing number of North American ski resorts are allowing private companies to put eyes in the skies and those companies definitely want to operate at Colorado resorts. Colorado Ski Resorts Whether you’re planning a ski vacation or hitting the slopes for the day, Colorado has endless skiing and…

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Drone shot with water

Fire Department Hides Firefighters Name Who Shot Drone With Firehose

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Did Firefighters Have the Right to Shoot at Drone? There seems to be two different sides to this issue. The Fire Fighter and the operator, those who understand the law about drones and those that do not. The heated debate has come down to exactly this! Here is what Thompson told PINAC after what happened in Montgomery upstate New York when John…

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Drone Photography WhiteHouse

Man tries to fly drone over White House fence – Not going to Happen

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A federal law enforcement official says a man has been arrested after trying to launch a drone over white house fence. Washington, D.C. is considered a “No Drone Zone,” by the FAA. So to try and fly a drone over white house fence is a bad idea by all means! According to ALICIA CALDWELL, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal law…

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Drone-Photography Toy

What is drone photography used for?

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Drone Photography is all around us and you do not even know it! There are many different fields in which drone photography can be used below is a list of some of the different areas in what is drone photography used for? Commercial aerial surveillance Commercial and motion picture film-making Journalism Law enforcement Maritime patrol Search and rescue Scientific research Conservation Surveying…

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