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GoPro’s Drone Move Makes This Stock a Potential Buy

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Maybe its time to buy stock from GoPro for GoPros Drone?   In a new article By Rex Crum from (TheStreet) –  NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Mention the term “drone,” and what immediately comes to mind are the military planes the U.S. uses to attack terrorists overseas. Well now there will be a something new in the air, GoPros Drone! But with its announcement that…

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Hover, the #1 app for Drone Enthusiasts, introduces Flight Logs

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Yes there is an App for that!!! SAN FRANCISCO – May 26, 2015 – Hover, available on iOS and Android, provides tools for drone enthusiasts to fly safely, including: real time weather reports, no-fly zone maps, industry news feed, and timer.  Most recently Hover introduced Flight Logs, now making it the must have app for Drone Enthusiasts! The new flight…

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Man tries to fly drone over White House fence – Not going to Happen

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A federal law enforcement official says a man has been arrested after trying to launch a drone over white house fence. Washington, D.C. is considered a “No Drone Zone,” by the FAA. So to try and fly a drone over white house fence is a bad idea by all means! According to ALICIA CALDWELL, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal law…

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What is drone photography used for-Infographic

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A visual reference to all things drone photography There are many different fields in which drone photography can be used. In one of our last posts we talk about some of those uses, you can check that post out here. At Drone Photography Info we have designed a quick reference infographic on the different classifications of drones and the common laws and uses for…

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New Law Limits Drone photography surveillance in Florida

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Local and state laws will impact drone photography surveillance According to a news story from the Saint Peters Blog By Mitch Perry – New Law Limits Drone photography surveillance in Florida, If you happen to own your own drone to take photos of other Floridians on their property, you better stop it soon — unless you want to get sued. That’s because today Gov….

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Idaho company first to legally fly drones for profit

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Cashing in with Drones… According to you can see the story here – drones for profit STAR, Idaho (KBOI) — An Idaho company is one of the first in the nation allowed to fly drones for-profit. While there are many companies making money on drones, very few are legally allowed. One company, Advanced Aviation Solutions in Star, has been given the…

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